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Are You Magic

When I moved to LA, never had I heard the word "Magic" tossed around more.

In Vegas, we know that magic is all smoke and mirrors.

In New York, you've got an angle/slight of hand.

But here... magic is this unique word.

"This magical thing happened to me", "It was like magic it appeared"... and my all time favorite "Those who don't believe in magic will never see it" as if it's your soul mate you'll never find unless you pay X amount of dollars a month and complete your profile.

Magic is magical. No doubt about that.

When you get that surprise gift, when you get a parking ticket and then a table leaves a tip that is worth the exact amount you were in debt, when you run into the person you were just thinking about or even get a call from them.... those are magical moments. Life moments that make you sit back and say "Wow".

Child birth, death, wind, rain... that's magical.

But when you're carrying on and on about magic, and how much you are "receiving" and its coming from different people after you cry a river to them with your sweet eyes and then like "magic" you have money in your bank account, you're gifted a trip, or you don't have to worry anymore about that issue....

I'm gonna call a spade a spade.... you're not magic, you're a mooch.

A mooch is a begger. A taker. I person who doesn't have to pay for anything, because they are "receiving" aka taking you for whatever you will give them.

Is this harsh? Well, everyone loves an honest person (aka me) until they are honest with them (aka you)... then you're just an asshole (me = asshole).

Never mind the asshole.... or in this case the mooch.... who has no problem taking as much as they can from you.... until you catch on.

You stop the "giving" and shut done your emotional ATM that you've given them a card to, and then they wonder "whats wrong?".

When you have a lot of things going on in your life... you have to divide and conquer. Bigger tasks, heavier issues, they weigh on you more then others. Those come first.

So you work on the list. Starting at the top. And once you've found yourself in a peaceful place... you still have this nagging feeling. Something else is wrong. What is wrong? I completed my list and I have my space clean. What is wrong?

Shit that you never saw before because maybe the list was so long is now sticking out like a sore thumb.

This is a snake in the grass moment.

My yard had been filled with so much stuff that needed to be cleaned out, that now sitting in the middle of it was a pink elephant I never noticed before. (Elephant, snake... you get it.)

It looked pretty, and had "magical" stars around it, its cute... but was this huge thing in my backyard there the whole time? Drinking my water, eating my grass, and keeping a home with my dime???????

But its so cute and harmless.... ding ding ding.

No, its beyond harmful. BEYOND!

Its a mooching snake hiding in a cute costume. Yeah the snake is in the elephant (go with me on this.)

Is this harsh? Yeah it is... to the owner of the backyard, who never realized she was sustaining another life.

So why are you the asshole when you want to kick the snake/mooch/elephant (pink or whatever color you wanna make it) out of your space/lawn/yard (you get it.)

Here it is... you're not.

You're not an asshole for saying No.

Saying no, when you're so used to saying yes... its a hard adjustment.

People won't understand, they might try to act like you have something wrong going on... and they're right. They won't understand and you do have something wrong going on.

What they won't understand is you showing up for you. And the wrong is them. But they have gotten away with it for so long that it will seem like a shock. To them.

Now, once you figure out who the magical mooches are in your life... this won't feel so good.

You can look at it in all the negative ways... but the truth is, you're a giver. And thats a great thing.

You open up, you extend yourself, you shower people with love and comfort... so don't ever be mad that you showed up being the wonderful, amazing you that you are.

But know when to take the candy away from the baby.

You're an adult... and sometimes you aren't dealing with adults. See adults don't use people, children do. Adults don't try to see what they can get away with, children do. And magic isn't meant to be a dirty word... its a good word. But mooches like to get in your head and turn the word around in their favor.

Magic is everywhere. Even finding out who shouldn't be in your life is magic. Its a gift.

Yes, magic can come to you in so many different forms... but it doesn't have to come in the form (cost) of taking from others.

So when you're getting coffee, and you catch eyes with another person and it warms you up inside more then the cup in your hand ever will.... and you feel all that good stuff coming to you (after all the good stuff you've given yourself)... that my friends is pure magic.

Take care of you.

All my love to you all,


P.s. If you read this and it offends you... well.... re read it.

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