Yearly Review

My mom and I were on the phone yesterday.

She was on her way home from work and mentioned that she had to hand in her "yearly review."

I asked what that was.

"Every year at the end of the year, my bosses want to know all that I've done that year. It's a write up of all my accomplishments."

"Wait you write it yourself?"

"Yeah I write my own review."

I was in shock.... "Mom, I do that for myself every year!"

Mom: "I really looked at everything I've done and was really proud of myself."

Me: "Me TOO!"

All year long I write in journals (I have many), I post on social media... but my baby is my planner.

My planner should have a name, but it's its own thing.

It's my memory book, my remember this moment thing, it's my "when did I see them last" written word. It's marked up, scratched out, lines all over the place, times, and names.

If we had lunch, I write it down... If I did yoga, I write it down... If we went to coffee after we had lunch and did yoga, that bitch is written down there too. All of it.

Why is this necessary?

For me its mandatory.

But why?

December 30th of every single year, that morning into the afternoon... I sit my happy ass down, and I review that whole year. (All my cups of drinks surround me... water, coffee, hot water, tea... It's heaven. I like beverages.)

Who was in my life, what I was worried about 6 months ago, how much I've worked, how many times I've traveled... It's a huge huge gift.

Everyone "should" be living in the present moment, and everyone "should" be looking towards what they would like to create that's new in the new year.

But how you gonna know what you want right here and now, and for the upcoming future... If you don't sit down, take time and look back and see how you got what you got in this present moment.

Lemme tell you the truth... I got only into January and the exact words out of my mouth were "holy fuck!"... as in holy fuck I can not believe that was then. (That seems so long ago, but it was, but it wasn't.)

It seemed like a life time ago... this moment that I had written down, and could remember the thoughts, feelings, and actions attached to this past event. (See I said remember the thoughts/feelings/actions... this isn't a moment for me to stir up any shit... why you wanna shit down and stir up shit... I'll talk about that another time.)

Now, I'm not here to blame myself and call myself names because I had such a moment... NO! I'm here as an observer.... and also an admirer of how far I've come!

In the mist of life moments happening all around me, there is a laundry list of new places I traveled, new moments created, and some loving old ones repeated.

I got done looking at all of 2017 and the girl who started that year was not the same as the woman who ended it.

That's for damn sure.

Looking at all you do, what worked, what didn't work... its such a huge relief that only supports the fact that you are (entered in meme's of quotes here...) exactly where you are supposed to be.

Isn't that fucking cool!

If you haven't already done this, I so encourage you to take some time and do it.

If you don't have a planner, start one... If you have a social media account, look back at it... And if you find a bunch of shit that still is not working for you... that gives you a horrible feeling when you revisit it... I encourage you to deal with it now (we only one week in... ) or even delete/block/erase whatever you gotta do to trash it and keep it moving.

I'm so proud of me! Haha I am! I am right where I asked to be. (Which is currently house sitting on a couch.)

Have I began my new year new me yet?

Naw... its only the first week... relax.

If 2017 taught me anything.... it's that my clock is my clock, and I don't have to rush it for no one.

New year new me can start next week.... In my new planner :)

Happy New Year everyone!

All my love to you all,