Today something was brought to my attention... it was the word Intention.

Oprah talks about it all the time, every yoga class I've been to makes me set one... I've even been asked from people "what was your intention dating/liking him?"... Great fucking question.

What does this mean?

Intention: a mental state that represents a commitment to carry out an action or actions in the future.


Example... before I went to Mexico a couple of weeks ago, I knew my INTENTION was to get wasted and eat a shit ton of crappy food while on vacay.

So for weeks on end, I ate clean and worked out a lot...

Because I knew in the near future what my actions were going to be.

Now back from Mexico my actions are to get my shit back together... So I can fit in my pants.

BOOM... Intention... in a nut shell.

Clear as day.

Well now, I see a friend post about setting them for the full moon tonight.

My only current intention this evening was to wash my hair because I've been rocking a top bun for 3 too many days now.

Is that not good enough?

Now I'm having a panic attack about not being in the know, or informed, and what's the deadline to write all this down??!!

But after that, then what? Then what is my intention? She has crystals and a map of her's... are mine not gonna happen because I'm not as prepared?

So I came home, washed my hair (I still gotta stick to my plan) and looked that shit up. The full moon.

People talk about them... all the moons... they tell you when its new or full or harvest or old (I made that last one up)... but if they can pull the ocean waters and even sink up women (eww gross I know... I am a woman)... then maybe there is something to all this crystal shit.


"This full moon has the potential for creating crisis that can assist in breaking through from stagnation, calcification, and stubbornness where anger and irritation play a big role, to a softer, emotional and vulnerable experience where creativity rules and imagination is fertilized with gratitude, love, and awe."

Ok so thats a lot right. What?

Whether you looked at that and said "Oh that makes soo much sense" or "thank god I'm ready for a lighter mood" or even "what a bunch of bullshit"... let's talk about it.

What if it is Bull Shit... what if all this shit about the moon being in whatever part of the sky and whatever time is all a bunch of SHIT.

What if?

Even if that "what if" is true... what's so wrong with sitting down with yourself... checking in and asking "where can I let something go, and what new can I bring in?"

Fuck the Moon.

What if you went by the filter on your Britta... and every time its time to change it, its also time to sit down and think about what you're doing right and what you can do better...

What's so wrong about wanting to be or become a better version of you? And is there a deadline?

Next part of the Full Moon explanation:

"Accept and acknowledge the structures that have served you so well up till now. And then, make a commitment to do it differently, allow for change. Be flexible and allow some thing to break off and others to surface."

Ok... what if the guy writing that hasn't showered in a month, lives out of a van, doesn't drink anything besides fermented leaves turned into liquid and has about 7 foster dogs around him that he never cleans up their hair. Aka my living nightmare. You want me to take this guys advice?

But what if dirty dog van boy has a point?

You see I'm tired of wellness and health only looking one way. I'm tired of happiness only having one looking picture... cause that's just as bad as fashion models only being one size... its dangerous.

Just because you don't have the crystals or the yoga mat or the intention board or even the right blend of herbs to burn around your house... it doesn't mean you too can't set intentions and make it into whatever you want for you.

There's an intention right there!

I love this idea... less stress, more emotion (healthy happy ones.. you know the opposite of stress) ... less conflict, more calm... what if its just that simple?

Good news... it is.

Just like me saying I'm gonna wash my hair and not making any drama out of it... or me saying I think I'll sit down and write about this... or even I dated him because I just wanted to have sex with him... this is all easy facts.


Make health and happiness whatever it is for YOU. Fuck what the Moon says today. You can check in with you whenever you can. You haven't missed anything EVER.

What is also good... get clear about why you've done certain things, what you were looking for... be so super honest about it, and then say "oh ok that makes sense" and move forward to a new intention.

Once you do this... you might even be beyond thankful so much has passed or never came to be. Because you're so fucking on it and smart... you never intended it to in the first place.

Look at you!

Like me now getting back in the swing of clean eating and working out... because I did fulfill my Mexico intentions.

Thanks MOON.

Best news about all of this... you might start setting some baby step goals and love the person you become. And leave a lot of your own BULLSHIT behind.


All my love to you all,