Protecting Your Space

There is a version of myself... a version I care not to remember because it makes me cringe.

It's a version that used to forget about the one person that is always there, never has left their side, and also has their best interest at heart.....

Oh yeah that me's talking about ME.

Why am I bringing this up?

After writing about creating a space that YOU love, and YOU feel comfortable in... How well are you at protecting it?

Not closing all the doors and shutting everyone out protection.

I'm talking, select WHO and WHAT you allow in it.

Well the emperor is here with the naked truth to tell ya this much... I wasn't very good at it at all. (In my personal life.) And I'm still working on it. I mean if we're being honest here. (Which duh I am.)

After creating a space, whether inside of you or an extension outside of yourself, you get a little giddy. You want to share it all with everyone and let them see (and hopefully have it spill over) the greatness that was created. 

You extend your arms open, and allow whomever has interest to peak inside.

Yeah one word for that... DANGER!!!!

Why? Well let's get into that.

Are you proud of the work you have put in... absolutely... should it be showcased... damn right it should.... will it be a good time... I mean come on, duh. But when do you know who (or whom) should be let inside.

I don't think the problem is exploring that above (who should be let inside)... I think the problem (MY PROBLEM) has been and still is KNOWING WHEN TO KICK THEM OUT!!!

Let me explain with language I know, you know, and from a business point of view that most would understand.

As any good Vegas gal knows... there's a line, there's a velvet rope, there's a list, and then there are security guards everywhere once you get inside. You act outta line... BYE.

I'm talking about nightlife. Club life. Makes sense right.

You would say... yeah of course. You can't get too out of line there. And not everyone gets into every place.

Some places you have to be a Member or have a key.

Ok... so what about your Club?

Let's call me Club Lo... 

Club Lo is a members only access. My door guy has the list... and if you ain't on the list you ain't coming in. There is no line, because there are no if's, and's, or maybe's. The list is the list. That's it. I control it, I put on and take off the names.

(Side note: no truly respected Vegas girl stands in a line.... you can go in front of me at the super market with one less item, I'll wave you into traffic, you gotta be somewhere I'll wait so you can go first.... But you want me to wait in a line to go to a club.... I'm sorry? What?)

Also inside Club Lo... You act out of line, then you're gone. Off the list. See ya. And the party continues. Moving on.

All of this makes perfect sense right?

You leave the door unattended, no rope set up, and the security is on a lunch break... Who knows who the hell is gonna creep in there and look around.

You ever hear of the Soho House, or the old school Playboy Clubs, or even Studio 54... those places attract/attracted the best of the best, (even the best of the best assholes... the focus right now is the place not the people hahaha we can talk about assholes in the club later). People fight/fought to get in... but not all did.

You are that club!

"Ok Lauren I get the club analogy... where is this going?"

This is going to the part when NOW you have to be the door guy, and the security team.

What I'm talking about is not the job of the host, the bartender, or the Go Go girl on the box, (I'm gonna throw a picture of my Go Go ass on a box just for fun hahahahah)

 (Whoop!!! That's me. #cakes)

Right now you are not a part of creating the fun atmosphere... You are not everyone's friend.... And You don't care what people think....

Right now, you are the person who gets to be called "Asshole" "Dick" "Jerk" and all the other fun names one is called when people don't get what they want and had a few.

Do you think these guys care or even think about how it might hurt that person's feelings if they have to escort someone off the premises?????? I'm gonna go a big fat NO.

Alright... now, cut to. You, your comfy space, who's in it?


Ok, now... who needs to go?

Ohhhhhhh.... that's the part when we start to worry "how will this make me look?" "I don't want to hurt their feelings." "Maybe next time they'll act better." And so on.

Gets a little bit more real right?

You deserve all the happiness in the world. And so does everyone walking this planet. OK that got said... now here's the best part. 

YOUR CLUB, it deserves people who care about YOU, respect YOU and all this things YOU have created inside and out. Those people who you are so worried that escorting them out might hurt their feelings.... What about your's? And do they really care? Are they respecting your space? And so on.

These are just some questions. Not all questions. But they're good questions. Real questions. 

And the list... it can go up and down. People can come, people can go... And people can even come back if they do the right thing, like... I don't know... ACT RIGHT? 

Your heart, your space, and your soul is your club. You want only the people in their that are exclusive to you. You are having such a good time, that the moment a bad seed shows up, all you do is take a look at the Security guy, you give em the eye, and that person is gone, then back to the good times.

That's it. 

Is that person gonna call you names on the way out... I don't know, and I don't care... that's not your problem. And the security guy... he definitely doesn't care.

You are all the pieces that make the part whole. And you can handle all the jobs it takes to run it.

You are the host, door guy, list keeper, manager, bartender, Go Go, security, hell you even gotta be the cleaning crew (ever disrespect a bathroom attendant... even they look at you like RESPECT MY SPACE!!! As they should.)

Create it, protect it, enjoy it... (and clean it up!)

Mantra... Act Wrong, You Gone.

All my love to you all,