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Feeding Your Soul

Whether you believe in this or not, there was a full moon the other day. (That's not the part you shouldn't believe in... that's just a fact. There was a full moon.) The part you could have some issue with is the part that says this may or may not affect your mood.

Wellllllllll.... here's the deal.

I don't have any proof that that shit is real... other then the fact that I feel like doo doo, then the next day I'll say to someone "I haven't felt like myself" then they say "it was a full moon" then I say "oh that explains it" but really I have no fucking idea if thats true. I don't. (Besides the hippie emails I get from time to time telling me which sign has owner ship of the moon right now and what asshole traits it possess.)

What I do know is this... when I don't feel good... what do I turn to.....

Answer: FOOD.

Not the "I need a cheeseburger-fries-coke all covered with another animal" type of food. And not the "order it in because life is too much to handle right now" food either.

I'm talking about getting in the kitchen, starting up every single burner, preheating the oven, and if the toaster oven needs to be used too then it shall!

I'm talking colors, and chopping, and marinating... hell I even brine. Yeah look it up. Brine your shit.

When I don't feel well inside... I have found my job is to create wellness that is gonna go in and hug those places that need that loving. 

Not the cupcake covered in sugar icing (delicious but we're trying to change the mood not get it more mad and have a break out in the mean time)... REAL ASS FOOD!

Not raw, not fake, not pre-made... I'm talking Cookin here Kids!

I've talked to many a friend about this... your body is a natural living thing. It likes other natural living things. Just makes sense. (Does a cupcake grow from a ... you get it)

I don't respond mentally or emotionally to a powder of protein. But I do to an over easy egg or a piece of perfectly marinated meat.

I don't know what they do to put a lot of nutrients into a tiny bar with words I can not pronounce. But I do know the ingredient in a banana is ..... banana.

Just banana. And it's got a way better color going on then a brown ugly bar.

My family is Italian... and most families (not just Italians, I know relax) have culture driven dishes. The women in my family have this beautiful way of keeping those foods and recipes alive.

As I feel the bad feels happening, my mind goes "kitchen!". It's like my ladies instilled in me how to get yourself together. Cook baby cook!

And I find it all to be so true. 

When I look at the colors of food (eating for your Chakras... just throwing in some hippie talk I like... look that up too!), when I have to focus and multi task on the many different things I got going at one given moment... when the bite of chicken is perfect, when the salmon flakes off just right, when the asparagus snaps from the perfect blend of olive oil, salt and pepper... my soul gets a bear hug from a long line of love.

No wonder food is the focus of everything!

It brings happiness, and alters moods. Gathers people and creates pleasure.

This is not the bing it all and numb the pain away. This is create it, enjoy it, and know that you did that for you.

You created something that was made from the earth, to bring you happiness, and to set you up to feel the best you can feel, so that you can have a better quality of life.

Done and done!

Or you can order in and take it out, and then wonder why you still don't feel good inside. Cause again where is the Cheeseburger Tree? 

Cook for your soul!!!! It really is the best pick me up there is 😊

All my love to you all, 


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