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Life's a Beach

There is a moment...

The alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am, and you got to put on make up (I mean I did, you don't have to... or maybe you do... but you don't want to), then you pack a bag of stuff (because you don't know what you might need), you walk down to the garage to see that there are two new dents on your car (did someone hit me... like literally with their fist? Cause it looks like someone hit the car with their fist), then you get in the car (the nav said one hour but I'm in the car and it keeps adding minutes to my arrival time!!!), you keep looking in the side view mirror at the new dents 😠, the nav keeps pushing up the minutes and now you can't stop for coffee ☕️ (why didn't you make some at home? Did you bring water? Why didn't you eat yet?)....

You're driving. Nav keeps changing its mind. Tells you there's shorter routes available. Sometimes you rebel and say I'm gonna go this way!

But then you make one right turn and it pops you out on a road.

The road has mountains to your right and Ocean 🌊 to your left.

We in the land of Lala call this PCH.


Your drive becomes something way different.

Your whole mood (the tired, the car, the make up you don't wanna wear this early, the coffee you didn't get)... wiped clean. It's the road less traveled by myself. (PCH that is, not the mood... or else, well I'll get to that).

As I drive, memories creep in.

"There's where I got that plant" "Hey I've eaten there before" "We went there for lunch" "This is where she used to live" "I love that restaurant"

It becomes a mini road trip that starts to bring nastalga.

My inner dialogue gets a special guest speaker from my loving side that says "Stop. Look at where you are right now."

And then I look around... I start to really pay attention.

Yeah... look at where I get to be, right now.

Then you park the car, meet up with the people who are waiting for you (and no one cares that you're 15 mins late), grab the hugs and look out at the water.

The air is crisp, the fog hasn't burned off yet, you're still in your cozy sweats, and whatever was a "big deal" now doesn't matter.

You, Ocean, Friends. Done deal.

This was my day. And lord knows everyone has a different one.

Even the people I met up with had extremely different mornings.

But this isn't so abnormal from the attitude a lot of us carry with us throughout them.

My attitude needed to switch up. (Maybe lack of sleep, food, and the coffee had its roll in it. Definitely the lack of coffee hahaha.) Whatever I didn't have, or was handed to me that morning (or the night before) meant nothing after the fact.

What are you going to do about a moment that is no longer present????? Good or bad memories?


Oh, besides maybe ruining the current one you are having.

(Ok remembering a good one is fine, but for how long?)

Any memory of the past, DO NOT DWELL.

My day was a good eight hours of work.... even changing locations. The next place was a good 40 minutes away, but the road to get there was up, in, over and through mountains and horse country and giant homes in hills so big and beautiful.

Our Army of black cars driving together looked like we had made our own Fast and Furious gang of Ventura County 😂😂😂. (Anyone who knows me knows that I was loving this moment!!!)

The day changed into fun instead of forced.

Play instead of work. Present instead of past.

Life can be a bitch that throws you around sometimes, but in an instant it can be the beach you needed to get away to.

Be Present!!!! Don't miss out on the beauty right in front of you!!!!

Find that moment for yourself throughout it to mark and say "Oh, I'm here now" And there you will be 😊

A moment for me was having a Gnome between my legs.

Yours might be different 😝

All my love to you all,


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