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Friendship... Its a Trip

They say you are the company you keep.


But are you the keeper of your company???

The answer for that one for me is a big N O.

I have an amazing squad of people, but the unfortunate thing is (and also the reason why I love them so much), I don't get to see them all the time.

Actually I see them never haha.

When we're younger, the person you talked to EVERY DAY was your BFF. You liked the same exact music, picked your favorite boyband member (You could not have the same! Because that one is mine!!!!), and you were attached at the hip. 

And if you didn't talk every day, or see that person every day or other... then there was a panic. 

Annnnnnnnnd if you ever saw them with another person, or heard they went to the mall or saw a movie with someone else... !!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!!!! (Oh the drama)

Then you get a little older. Friends come and go. And you start looking at who has stuck around, your core group.

I've moved cities, they moved cities, some have kids, some buy houses, others you never know what city they are currently in because they are that person 😝.

They are the ones you do not socially stalk and they text you back whenever they want or can get to it.

They are the likes on IG that you don't even acknowledge to yourself because duh, of course they are going to like everything you do.

The people you finally met up with and no time has passed, and for some reason you can't stop hugging them.

Wait a min?????? 

You're not keeping tabs on or worried about the ones you love the most?????????

You know they love you even when they don't say it or contact you personally?

You trust your love and their love isn't going anywhere because of time or distance?

Crazy I know... hence friendship is a trip. SO WEIRD. 👽

The beauty about getting older is you start to worry less. Time has shown you that what's meant to be will be and every thing is always going to be ok. Or even better then you had thought it was going to be.

My friends are mothers, wives, home owners, animal owners, chefs, cocktail waitresses, dancers, actors, writers, regular ass waitresses, fitness instructors, hey I even got a Doctor in the crew.... my friends come from Africa, Mexico, Hawaii, California, Washington, Chicago, New York, Russia... they've ended up in places that they didn't know they would be at.

We are alllll so beyond different. And the beauty of it always, besides our different looks and styles, and music tastes, and eating habits, and locations, jobs.... I know these people love me for exactly who I am, and respect where I'm at.

Mind blowing. (Loving someone and not wanting to change them. Crazy I know).

They don't want me to be like them, or follow them. They want me to be me. To find whatever makes me happy, even if thats different from them. 

And same thing goes back to them.

If my close friend can't chat because her son needs her attention, that's ok. When the Dr can't text back because she is helping someone's life, I'm cool with that (I mean I better be!). When your friend needs to cancel coffee because her husband needs her help, how are you to complain about that. 

The great part of knowing you are loved, and believing you are loved, is there is no stress in receiving and giving that love. To love is to have understanding. Compassion. Trust. Faith. Those traits truly make up a better quality of life.

Real love, true love.... it has no attachment or expectations. 

In fact the friends that love me, I don't even blink an eye at their permanent place in my heart. They've set up shop and its always open. 

The friends who love me, they ain't going anywhere. 

Give thanks, look through your heart and your squad and celebrate the people near and far who you are so lucky to have in your life.

I know as I sit here alone, my squad is always right next to me.

All my love to you all, 


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