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Who Do You Think You Are

Photo by True Moxie Photography

First things first.... Why on Earth do I want to do this? And Who the Hell do I think I am?

I am Lauren Poole and I am here to help you.

Its that simple. (And in turn help myself... always a plus.)

Second things second... you completely have a choice here. You can read what I write or you can choose not to.

You do not have to be on here or look at anything I post!

Next... this is not a site about anything else other then information I want to share. 

I'm not selling myself, my soul, your soul, your name. There will not be a resume or a video of me beat boxing (I can't beat box but that would be kinda awesome), I'm not here to put down or place blame.

My only intention is to uplift and motivate you (and myself) to be the best version of ourselves EVERY DAMN DAY.

And lastly... Why am I in little to no clothing?

Thats a very easy answer.... Because I want to be. 🙃

Its my site, my body, and my name attached to it. 

I'm an adult, and I can do what I want. (And you are your own person... do it your way, whichever way that is!)

On top of the uplifting and motivating this is a non shaming and a self loving space. 

So there it is. 😃


Would you like more info then that?.... well then stay tuned 😉

All my love,


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